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    Never stop coding. Programming is my passion.


    Professional jobs
    On-Campus Jobs   2021

    I worked with my own school, participating in the On-Campus Jobs program, in which they hire students. I developed a platform for online courses using the MERN stack.

    Telegram bots
    Lana Bot   2020 - 2021

    Track the price of your favorite pairs of cryptocurrencies from the pDEX Incognito blockchain.

    Ensi Bot   2020 - 2021

    Track the status and earnings of your nodes from the Incognito blockchain.

    Other projects
    Lets reduce our carbon footprint   2020

    See scientifically proven ways to reduce it and choose the ones you can achieve!

    See it in action!

    Telegram Support Force   2020 - 2021

    I was volunteering at Telegram Support Force from June of 2020 to November of 2021, patiently helping hundreds of users and collaborating with many other volunteers.


    Codewars - 2020 - Ongoing

    A platform full of coding challenges to do.

    Codewars badge Codewars badge Codewars badge
    Software Engineer Unfinished - Tecmilenio  2020 - 2022

    With a 60% scholarship, which I got by winning a contest in 2nd place. I left because I already knew what they were teaching me.

    Master en Coding - Dev.f 2020 - 2021

    The Biggest hackers school of Latin America.

    This is the most enriching course I've taken with Dev.f. One year degree, from web design to backend.

    Here is my certification.

    Cinta Negra Android - Dev.f 2017

    Here I learned to develop applications with Java for Android devices.

    Cinta Roja - Dev.f 2016

    The intermediate level course they offered. I was the youngest person to get the certification: I was 15.


    I'm actually a polyglot, which by definition is someone who knows 4 or more languages.

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    B2 - Intermediate



    B1 - Lower intermediate



    A1 - Beginner